Focusing — 1 — A Courier app for Uber Eats like application

Mehmet ALP
3 min readDec 9, 2020


In the first post, I’ve mentioned we developed an open-source, ready to use eCommerce app. It is already on sale, and in this post, I m going to share some detail about the Courier & Delivery part of this application.

Courier application designed and developed for Android and IOS. The purpose of this application informs the courier about new orders. It helps courier to manage their transactions and their new orders. Also the GPS functionality help customer and market & restaurant owner to locate their courier, on the real-time map.

Our icon for the Delivery application

In the development process, I’ve made some research about the delivery world, and I realize it is not easy to find the delivery guy for restaurants. They have a paper process to receive applications from couriers and to add their branch.

We would like to move this process online and we implemented extra screens-functionality for applying as a courier.

With our improvements on the application, anyone can download this courier application from app stores and anyone can apply as a courier & delivery guy. After the approval process Courier can use a phone number and password to login to the system. And depending on the system settings they are able to receive new orders around them.

When we started to develop this application we focused on 4 other things;

  • It must be easy to work as a courier. App has a complete registration process for new joiners. It helps the admins to find a new courier. All they need to do check and approve the profile of the courier.
  • Courier doesn't need to use 3rd party app like WhatsApp, telegram for receiving orders or for their transaction, also GPS usage helps to locate courier for admin and for the customer during the order process.
  • Auto-assign and PN information for receiving new orders without spending time on the app.
  • — This feature is optional. Courier able to deactivate this feature to decide which order they’re going to work.
  • Payment Integrations. Stripe already integrated. It helps to manage the balance & wallet of the courier by themselves.

Some other improvements we’ve made;

  • Courier able to change their status to offline/online.
  • Courier able to set work hours.
  • Courier able to see their order history.
  • They can set different prices for different locations, it was another good feature for the courier.
  • Courier able to Rate Customer and Store owner after the order process. It is also helpful for reporting purposes.
Screenshots from our courier app

Some other improvement we are planning to implement,

  • Real-time map to show all courier
  • Improve the UX of the screens
  • Improve the process of applying as a courier.

Maybe I will start to give more detail about our tech-stack and show some code from our app ;)

See you in the next updates!



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