In this post, I want to show the basic steps of how we transforming a customer login app into a customer loyalty app.

Let's start by reading the definition of Customer Loyalty;

Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction, and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services.

Also another definition;

Customer loyalty is the act of choosing one company’s products and services consistently over their competitors. When a customer is loyal to one company, they aren’t easily swayed by price or availability. …

In the first post, I’ve mentioned we developed an open-source, ready to use eCommerce app. It is already on sale, and in this post, I m going to share some detail about the Courier & Delivery part of this application.

Courier application designed and developed for Android and IOS. The purpose of this application informs the courier about new orders. It helps courier to manage their transactions and their new orders. Also the GPS functionality help customer and market & restaurant owner to locate their courier, on the real-time map.

Our icon for the Delivery application

In the development process, I’ve made some research about the…

Beginning of this year we started to develop an eCommerce app, was called Delimerry. Later we decided to craft a new ready-to-use, open-source product from this app. Which almost the same concept as Instacart or Uber Eats.

A nice perspective

At first, the plan was to develop an MVP version of those famous apps.

The main purpose of that kind of application delivering “goods” to the customers. One thing was clear, In the best situation, we had to develop 3 different applications, both for android and iOS. Because there were 3 different user types need to use this product. …

Bu yazıda NGTurkey meetup’ında anlattığım Atomic Design Principles konusunu ve Angular tarafta nasıl ilerletildiğiyle alakalı örnek bir uygulama paylaştım.

Atomic Design UX’le beraber tasarlanması/planlanması gereken bir süreç, İlgili Analyst&Product ekipleri proje öncesinde atomic design prensiplerini bilerek, kullanarak projeleri oluşturmaya başlamalılar, buna paralel Tasarım ve Frontend ekipleri(bazı durumlarda backend ekipleri dahil) geliştirmelerini atomic design prensipleriyle yürütmesi gerekir. Girişte belirttiğim gibi bu yazıda Angular ile uygulama geliştirirken atomic design prensiplerinden nasıl faydalanırız ve ilerleyen süreçlerde projeyi daha hızlı ve daha doğru şekilde nasıl büyütürüz bu konulara değineceğim.

30 Martta NG Turkey tarafından düzenlenen Meetup’ta Atomic Design Prensipleriyle Angular Uygulama geliştirme konusunu sundum…

“Safety experts recommend that you keep a constant scan of all your vehicle’s mirrors while driving”

A week ago I saw a blog post about “Keeping multiple tab in sync” at here.

The author @Tim Deschryver was one of the NGRX library team members. And he has really great posts.

In this post, I decided to write the same concept with the state management library for Angular called NGXS.

I think NGXS provides better pattern-library for angular.

Anyone wonder why I prefer to use NGXS over NGRX, can read that post also; “Why I Prefer NGXS over NGRX

Lets back our topic;

  1. We’re going to use NGXS for state management in an angular app
  2. Save our…

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